Fall at Caribou Yurt. All firewood provided- even the roasting sticks!

Super comfy queen bed with cozy down comforter and luxurious sheets to ensure a great night's sleep!

Welcome to Caribou Yurt!

An Adventure in Bed & Breakfast

 This gorgeous, owner-made, hand crafted, fully furnished YURT with mountain views, spectacular sunsets, and star gazing by the fire awaits! You will be ready for great night's sleep snuggled under the puffy down comforter on the comfy queen bed. You'll be well rested and sure to wake up hungry! A "5-star," home-made breakfast will be delivered to you. A variety of coffee/tea/cocoa & treats, along with some paper products, are there for your use. This is one awesome get away or stop along your way, or just come & play! 


This is a mountain getaway- intentionally without internet. Try to leave your work behind! Cell phones/data do work well at the Yurt. The clear dome will allow you to stargaze and enjoy to moon as you lay in bed. There is electricity, dimmable lights, microwave, TV with DVD player, family friendly DVDs, and a variety of games & puzzles to enjoy and add to your memories. There is delicious fresh well water provided for you.  Extra bedding & pillows are in the chest at the foot of the bed. 

Getting there:

Most days you can drive right to the Yurt. The driveway to the Yurt is a dirt road. Cars do just fine in summer. 4WD & good tires REQUIRED in winter months to be able to drive right to the Yurt. Otherwise, park at the top of the driveway and plan for a 5-7 minute walk down to the Yurt. 

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Caribou Yurt

Caribou Adventures 7351 Hilltop Road Pocatello, ID 83201 US

(208) 269-0002

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You are going to LOVE staying here at CARIBOU YURT!

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