Survival Systems

When something goes wrong – most of us want to do more than just survive a backcountry situation. We want to be in a position to do something productive. In order to be helpful to others in a backcountry emergency or survival situation, we need to first be able to take care of ourselves.

At Caribou Adventures, we believe modern day Wilderness and Backcountry survival seldom involves living for weeks on rattle snakes and frogs, or getting drinking water from a solar still. More often it’s a frightening 24hrs of being “lost” or spending the unexpected night out when it’s cold, dark and stormy, perhaps you are with a family member or friend who may be sick or injured. At caribou Adventures we help individuals and groups put together survival gear and learn survival skills that will help you remain an asset to your team.

Caribou Adventures survival education and skill development programs follow a vision of how Getting prepared for survival is not an event or goal to be accomplished; it is a process of learning and practicing behaviors, skills, and situational awareness of choices and decisions we make every day. Many “emergencies” are self made: running out of fuel on a dark and stormy night, crashing that 4 wheeler while not wearing a helmet, getting turned around and not able to find your way back. These are some examples of how planning ahead, practicing an attitude and developing habits of safety, keeping track of where we are, and maintaining an awareness of our surroundings, can help avoid many “emergencies” or at least, lesson the impact for pain, suffering, and loss of resources.

To those who push to the edge, and to those who help bring them back, and to those of my friends who didn’t get back